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Curiouser and curiouser I am, how about you?  To have the Mad Hatter mix our drinks in this latest pop-up, immersive cocktail concept in Boston most definitely brings out that Cheshire cat grin.

First of all, the word "cocktail" conjures up that party atmosphere.  Secondly, we get to create our own cocktail so there's that mad moment to get creative with.

The Alice Immersive Cocktail Experience via Youtube
The Alice Immersive Cocktail Experience via Youtube

And lastly, we're talking an "Alice in Wonderland" themed experience, so this will get weird and a bit psychedelic for sure.

It's called "The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience,"  and it's a pop-up at The Merchant on Franklin Street in Boston running March 4 through the end of 2022.

According to its creator, Hidden Media, "The Alice" is a 90-minute themed cocktail experience filled with trivia, puzzles, and scavenger hunts, that will transport you, "Alice in Wonderland" style, into a world of tea parties, talking animals, and magic mushrooms.

Create your own liquid concoctions under the watchful eye of The Mad Hatter and expect things to get curious and curiouser.  Dive through the looking glass and into a fantasy world where you will play croquet with flamingos, paint the roses red and devour ‘Eat Me’ cake! Solve riddles and challenges just like Alice and unlock all the ingredients to create your own enchanted teapot cocktails

According to Boston.com, this concept bar got its start in Melbourne, Australia, and has since expanded its pop-ups to Denver, New York City, San Francisco, and St. Louis.  Now, it's Boston's turn.

This boozy experience will cost you $43 to get in, and that includes 3 cocktails and an “Eat Me” cupcake.

Are you creating your Alice in Wonderland cocktail yet?  Click here for tickets and info.

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