People who have not gotten vaccinated for COVID-19 can start the process in a laid-back environment on Wednesday at Footprints Food Pantry.

Footprints Food Pantry is located at 37 Old Post Road in Kittery, Maine, and Executive Director Megan Shapiro-Ross said typically they provide groceries for whoever walks through the door.

From noon until at least 1 p.m. on Wednesday, they will provide a pop-up vaccination clinic in partnership with Northern Light Health.

Shapiro-Ross said they have had a similar clinic, but since the vaccination that was provided was Johnson & Johnson, children over the age of 12 could not participate.

Shapiro-Ross said having the Pfizer vaccine during this week's clinic will help them get more shots into arms.

Footprints Food Pantry is a good vaccination distribution spot because they are known as a safe place that welcomes everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or opinions, Shapiro-Ross said.

"We're not claiming to push vaccines because we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable," Shapiro-Ross said.

People interested in getting vaccinated do not have to be clients of the food pantry and do not need to be residents of Maine.

The clinic is free.

For more information about the pantry, click here.

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