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One of the greatest collections of vintage, antique, and classic cars in the world is right here in Maine.

The Owls Head Transportation Museum houses over 150 antique automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles, engines, and more.

Their next auction week is coming up in August, and we thought you would like to see some of the incredible cars that will be put up for auction.

You know, like this wicked sweet-looking ride:

Owls Head Transportation Museum via Autotrader
Owls Head Transportation Museum via Autotrader

The Owls Head Transportation Museum was founded in 1974, according to its website, and is a "place where machines of a bygone era are celebrated through conservation, preservation and demonstration."

The museum notes that its collection is "primarily operational," so you can get the unique experience of seeing these classic vehicles at a bunch of outdoor events throughout the year.

"Care and maintenance of these historic vehicles aircraft requires the attention of a small but mighty staff and an extensive, dedicated volunteer network," the museum states on its website.

From Volkswagon Beetles in the '60s to a vintage Packard from the 1930s to a BMW roadster with a wicked paint job, there's an incredible collection of cars coming up at the next auction that you probably wish you could get them all.

There's even a Ford Model T from 1913. That's over 100 years old!

You might even be surprised to find a 2002 Chevrolet Camaro convertible in the lineup, but any vehicle that's  20 years old is considered a "classic."

Anything 45 years old and older is "antique."

Time to dive right in and pick your dream car from these over 60 photos of classic rides up for auction, and maybe even make your next road trip to check out the museum.

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Place your bids! From a '22 Ford Pickup to a '69 Porsche, feast your eyes on these exquisitely restored classic cars that are available right here in Maine.

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