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The White Mountains in New Hampshire hold so much beauty for the Granite State.

From pristine swimming holes to the best views in all of New England, hiking and exploring the White Mountains is a must.

One thing that the White Mountains offers, that many other places in New Hampshire and New England do not, are waterfalls.

Many of my best memories as a kid (and still as an adult) are finding waterfalls to splash and swim in. Some waterfalls are found organically. As you hike on a trail and ascend up a mountain, it is natural to run into waterfalls; the water has to get down the mountain somehow.

Other waterfalls are destinations. This often includes a trail of some sort that takes you directly to the base of the waterfall. Sometimes you can swim at the base. Other times, all you can do is soak in the beauty with your eyes.

One of the most popular waterfalls in New Hampshire is Arethusa Falls. This beauty is often thought to be the largest waterfall because it has the biggest visible water drop: around 150 feet.

Aruthusa Falls is "located on Route 302 in the small town of Livermore, you can access this incredible force of nature by hiking 1.5 miles on a moderately difficult trail," according to a Visit The White Mountains article.

But that is not the biggest waterfall in New Hampshire. There is a catch. Arethusa Falls seems like the biggest waterfall because of the massive, beautiful, visible, water drop.

The largest waterfall in New Hampshire is actually the Beaver Brooke Cascades, according to a GoXplr article.

Beaver Brook Cascades are located in Kinsman Notch and drops for an impressive 1,000+ feet – this makes it the tallest New Hampshire waterfall. The cascades last for nearly a mile along the Beaver Brook Trail. To access the cascades, a half-mile walk from the trailhead is all it takes.

Unlike Arethusa Falls, which has a few small swimming pools at the bottom of the falls, the Beaver Brook Cascades does not. It goes on for 1,000 feet, entangling it in the beauty of the White Mountain National Forest.

Beaver Brook Cascades, although not as swimming-friendly, is certainly the biggest waterfall in the Granite State and worth the small hike to see.

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