The New Hampshire nurse who was kidnapped with her daughter from a ministry in Haiti credits a Christian song for getting her through the ordeal.

In a message on the El Roi Haiti website, Alix Dorsainvil thanked those who prayed for their safe return. The pair were kidnapped on July 29 from the El Roi Haiti campus in Port au Prince. Dorsainvil, who is married to the organization's founder and director, is the group's school and community nurse.

They were both released Wednesday.  Neither El Roi Haiti nor the State Department have disclosed where Dorsainvil was held or what led to her release.

"God was so very present in the fire with us and I pray that when I find the words to tell our story, that the mighty name of Jesus may be glorified and many people will come to know his love. Thank you all from the depths of my heart for your love," Dorsainvil wrote on the website.

Dorsainvil called the song "See a Victory" by the North Carolina-based group Elevation Worship her "battle cry" to get through the ordeal.

"There’s a part that says, 'You take what the enemy meant for evil, and you turn it for good.' And that is what he is already doing and will continue to do," Dorsainvil wrote.

Dorsainvil is from Middleton in Stafford County, attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Dover, and graduated from Regis College in Massachusetts.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Dover sent well wishes to Dorsainvil about her safe return.

"We thank God for keeping them safe and thank everyone in our community who joined us in prayer for their safe return," the school wrote on its Facebook page. "Let us continue to pray for Alix, her family, and her friends as they begin the healing process from this experience."

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