If you get a knock from someone wanting to measure your property, it's not a joke.

The city of Portsmouth Assessor's Office will begin its citywide data collection Monday, which will last up to two years through the end of Tax Year 2024/Fiscal Year 2025. The collection of data requires an inspection of the interior, as well as a measurement of the exterior of all 9,804 properties and buildings.

The purpose of the collection is to determine the full and true value of the property.

The task falls to experienced appraisers and data collectors employed by the city, who go neighborhood-by-neighborhood. When they are ready to collect data in a neighborhood, residents will be notified by mail of their presence.

If a resident is not home when the collector comes to their property, a door hanger will be left, the building measured, and interior data and conditions estimated. Instructions will be left on how to make an appointment.

Pictures of the data collection field staff are posted on the city website. The site will also list the neighborhoods currently being inspected.

The first inspections will be done in Neighborhoods 114 and 115.

Note: The map included in this report was incorrect and has been replaced by a link to the correct maps.

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