Some of Dover Police Department's finest were recognized in a ceremony held at the station on Wednesday.

Five department employees were recognized for their work during an early morning fire at an apartment building on Hill Street which broke out around 1 a.m. on June 25.

People were still inside the building when emergency rescue crews arrived. Emergency dispatchers can be heard handling the situation here.

Dispatchers Steven Dwyer and Emily Cleary worked as a team and quickly dispatched both police and fire units. They were recognized with Exceptional Service Awards.

Officers Oake Carlson, Molly Shoer and Tyler Malsbury arrived on the scene prior to any fire department personnel. They provided dispatch with an update and began evacuating residents, according to a press release from Dover Police Department.

Carlson, Shoer and Malsbury were recognized with a Lifesaving Award.

"Despite the building being fully engulfed, with fire ripping above their heads, the building creaking, and pieces of window being blown out, the officers ignored the heat and smoke and entered the apartments and assisted the residents safely out of the building, two of whom were elderly and handicapped," the press release says.

Three department employees were recognized for their work on the afternoon of June 20 during a domestic disturbance at a New Rochester Road residence.

The emergency call initially came in as an open line and then escalated over the course of a few minutes to a disturbance, a physical altercation and then the report of shots being fired.

Dispatcher Erin Driscoll remained calm throughout the incident, even when gunshots could be heard.

Driscoll was recognized with an Exceptional Service Award.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Officers Tim David and Mike McGee were among the first officers to arrive on scene where they encountered a gunshot victim in the yard of the residence. The victim had been shot multiple times and was losing blood from arterial bleeds, the press release says.

David ensured the firearm was secured while McGee began stabilizing the victim. Both officers worked together to apply tourniquets to help stop the bleeding.

David and McGee were recognized with a Lifesaving Award.

Off. Luis Berdecia is the department's newest member. He was sworn in during the ceremony.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

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