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Meet Charlie. He's a Mainer who is a professional transportation provider, a husband, a father, and like many Mainers, like to fish. He recently started his own YouTube channel where he shares quick videos from the driver's seat of his car, wearing his Punisher hat and sometimes smoking a cigarette. Charlie is the definition of a typical Mainer and I love it.

He's also an atheist as he says in his YouTube channel about section. "Though we may not share in belief, we can still share in some adventures, still engage in conversations. Together, we may just begin spread understanding." As someone who doesn't believe in a higher power, I can relate to how he feels. Being born and raised in rural Maine, I totally get this guy.

I watch more YouTube videos on my TV than I do actually produced TV shows, and happened to have his YouTube channel called "Ask Charlie" suggested to me bythe Google machine. So far he's not answering any questions, just talking about his life experiences and opinions on the world. They're quick, to the point and entertaining.

His latest video is a fishing story about a day out on the water with his dad when he was younger, when they happened to come across two turtles sitting on a rock. Charlie put up a challenge to his dad. A story that his dad still likes to talk about today.

Now Charlie likely isn't going to be some YouTube influencer with millions of followers. I get the feeling he's not interested in that. But he's entertaining and has some things to say that many of us Mainers can relate to. Especially those of us who have lived here all our lives.

Be warned, some of Charlie's videos have some adult language, but most Mainers are like Charlie in that way too.

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