A Wells man remains in police custody after being formally arraigned on attempted murder and assault charges after attacking three NYPD officers near Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Trevor Bickford was still in his room at Bellevue Hospital as prosecutors revealed new details about the incident near 8th Avenue and 52nd Street. Prosecutor Lucy Nicholas said Bickford wanted to carry out jihad and said "(Allahu) Akbar" before attacking the officers with the blade and handle of his machete, according to CNN coverage of the arraignment.

Among the revelations about the incident from prosecutors arguing to keep Bickford in custody per CNN's coverage:

  • Bickford said he waited until the officers were away from people before starting his attack. He tried to grab a gun from one of the officer's holster but couldn't reach it.
  • Although Bickford stabbed police officers, his true target was all government officials. They cannot be true Muslims because of the government's support of Israel.
  • Bickford was headed to Miami on Amtrak but decided to stop in New York to carryout jihad.

Bickford's court appointed attorney from the Legal Aid Society argued unsuccessfully that Bickford should be released, because he has no arrest record. Bickford lives with his family and worked for Resurrection Golf, which maintains the grounds of the Old Marsh Country Club in Wells.

The attorney also asked the public to not draw "hasty conclusions" about Bickford.

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