New Hampshire State Police found 268 violations during a statewide enforcement initiative on Thursday that stopped 138 vehicles.

The troopers from Troop G focused their efforts on enforcement efforts on ensuring that vehicles were driving in a safe manner. They also conducted roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles to ensure that drivers were compliant with hours of service, that drivers had obtained proper licensing credentials, that commercial motors vehicles were in safe mechanical operating condition, and that they complied with size and weight laws.

Of the 268 violations 60 were so severe they resulted in the driver or vehicle being taken off the road. 26 of the violations had critical safety violations such as inoperative brakes and worn steering components and 21 citations were because of commercial motor vehicle inspections.

On Route 125 in Epping a crane being hauled by a Merrimack company was found to exceed its gross tire ratings causing the crane to be 54,200 pounds overweight.

In another case a 2020 Jeep Cherokee towing a 26-foot camper on Route 93 in Lincoln during a heavy rain storm hydroplaned and hit a tractor trailer causing both drivers to lose control and skid off the road.

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