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Man, do I love nachos.

It goes back to when I was a kid, and my dad would come home from a co-ed softball game in North Hampton, shower, then sit down and eat three plates of nachos before two bowls of ice cream. “That’s a man,” I remember thinking.

That’s where I got my at-home recipe: a spread of Cool Ranch Doritos, Mexican shredded cheese from Hannaford in the middle, more Doritos above that, another round of Mexican shredded, and some sour cream to top it off.

I’m proud to say my daughter inherited our nacho fandom, as they are now a go-to whenever we visit the Beach Plum at North Hampton Beach. They’re the main course of the “Sadie/Daddy”, which also includes two freezes and a chocolate ice cream with jimmies to share.

Can you imagine nachos with ice cream on them? Read on…

We asked Granite Staters for their recommendations for best nachos, and a few themes emerged:


Below, you will find nacho genres of which you’ve never heard. Not just the aforementioned dessert nachos, but tweaks and hacks that’ll change your nacho worldview. Did you know about Irish Nachos? You will…


I don’t just mean in terms of taste. We’re talking service, reliability, and an appetizer or entrée that’ll be there when you need it.


Nachos are what bring us together. Whether you’re a vegan or highly carnivorous, there exists a nacho for you, which means you’re going to want to share them with others.


I repeat: NO DRY CHIPS…

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