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Here's an elevated new way for camping and glamping. It's continuing to be a fun trend where you literally rent a treehouse on Airbnb and Vrbo with hot tubs, wrap-around decks, top of the line amenities, and the sounds of nature.

As we both know, you can find almost any kind of house for rent on Airbnb, whether you're looking for something simple, in a city, with a unique twist or theme, on an island, or yes, up in the trees.  And I'm not talking those treehouses that you grew up with that turned into the clubhouses where boys hid their dirty magazines or girls giggled about boys. I'm talking full-on kitchens, bedrooms, and decks.  Even some of the bathrooms have showers and bathtubs nicer than many homes.

Truly, these are glorified treehouses for a fun camping-style twist in the wilderness where you can listen to the crickets and see the stars without anyone else around.  While campsites can get crowded or glamping is still on the ground, this birds-eye view changes things up for your trip.

I decided to research treehouses on Airbnb in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, and there aren't very many.  I truly expected to find many more, but then again, we're talking treehouses, so I'm not sure why I thought there would be a myriad of choices.  After all, the point of vacationing in a treehouse is the unique twist from other trips and getaways.  And these definitely have that for you.

So here we go.  I've created a gallery of some great choices for you, and attached links to each one at the end of each mini-gallery of photos.

Vacation in a Treehouse in New Hampshire, Maine, and Beachside Cape Cod

All of these treehouses are on Airbnb or Vrbo. I've attached the link to each treehouse in the last picture of that treehouse mini-gallery of photos.

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