The job "tip" left on a receipt at the The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery in Raymond turned out to be an inside joke.

The restaurant posted a picture of a receipt on Saturday with "get a real job" on the tip which set off a firestorm of anger directed at the customer led by owner and executive chef Bobby "The Butcher" Marcotte who called him a "low life" who he invited to "kindly go f*^% yourself."

According to a post on the restaurant's Facebook page the joke was between the server and her significant other who ate at the restaurant on Friday and left the "tip."

"The staff member left early that night, did not work Saturday and does not have social media! She did not hear about it until yesterday when she heard our crew talking about it and, embarrassingly, explained the situation," the restaurant explained.

The bartender who saw the receipt had worked a 16 hour day between two jobs and was feeling "uninspired" after seeing the receipt.

The restaurant said it was not a scam or stunt but instead an example of its how protective it is of its employees and said it was just Marcotte's "protective dad" coming out in his response.

"We learned that there is way more community support than we may have thought! We learned that when these situations happen, the restaurant community as a whole knows how to RALLY! We learned that maybe, just maybe, there's a joke we aren't in on, however distasteful it may be," read the post.

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Jadd Naamani contributed to this report.

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