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If you recently returned to the Seacoast, you’ve likely had a moment where you pulled into the site of a beloved business from your youth, looked up at the sign, and said, “Where the heck am I??”

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Like people, businesses move. So before you write them off as Starbucks casualties (or worse – Spirit Halloween Store victims), here are a few favorites from my time growing up on the Seacoast that still exist – but somewhere different.

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire
Previously located in Portsmouth, the museum is now located in downtown Dover.

I took my daughter and can say that while I missed the nostalgia, I was in awe of the features and attractions for kids.

The exhibit on air and propulsion is a must. And have no fear, Millennials – they still have the Yellow Submarine.

CREDIT: Jon Rineman Personal Collection
CREDIT: Jon Rineman Personal Collection

The Old Salt
In 1999, this staple of the Hampton Beach strip fell victim to a massive fire, with decades of memories momentarily up in the smoke. But a short time later, the Salt returned in its current downtown Hampton location, where it has thrived for two decades.

Paired with the historic Lamie’s Inn, the restaurant is decorated with its trademark nautical relics and photos of historic visitors.

And its impressive menu allows young and old to go in with every intention of getting a lobster salad – then pivot at the last minute to fried clams and dessert because you’ll “probably burn it off chasing the kids through that Yellow Submarine.”

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Bull Moose Records
A landmark for music lovers, vinyl collectors, and people who’ve run out of three-month streaming trials, downtown Portsmouth isn’t quite the same without Bull Moose. It’s irreplaceable.

You’d always learn something you didn’t know about a song or artist from a staffer, or just have them talk you down when you learn the Traveling Wilburys only released two albums.

But good news: you still can. Bull Moose can be found at its new location on Woodbury Avenue. Follow the signs for Grooved Pavement. #RimShot

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The Airfield Café
Long a favorite breakfast spot for aviation fans and windsock aficionados, the Hampton Airfield’s beloved kitchen closed its doors for good and…moved about 20 feet away to become a GIANT Airfield Café!

What it lacks in coziness it makes up for with large model planes circling above while you eat. All it’s missing? A flying Yellow Submarine.

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What’s your favorite business that found new life in a new spot on the Seacoast (and no, the North Hampton McDonald’s moving to Hampton doesn’t count)?

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