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Whenever I hear a local story about that involves a pig, my coworkers know that I am going to be all over it. I have been infatuated with pigs ever since I was a wee lass (get it? Pigs say Wee! I'll see myself out).

I think my obsession with pigs started when I read the book "Charlotte's Web". I felt a kinship with Wilbur, because he was so innocent yet brave at the same time. I started collecting pig stuffed animals, dressing up like a pig whenever I had the chance...it was a whole thing. I always dreamed that I would have a pet pig someday. My two-bedroom apartment in Portsmouth is often a pigsty (ba dum chhh), but sadly it is not exactly pig-friendly. Alas, my pig-owning days are being put on hold.

Yesterday, Lee police came face to face with someone's pet pig who wandered away from home. Real talk: It is so important that police departments in our rural communities know how to respond when pigs, sheep, cows, horses, goats, etc. get out. Thankfully, the Lee NH Police Department was well-trained. According to the police department's Facebook post, it took a bit of intuition and some girl scout cookies to lead this (not so) little piggy all the way home.

Lee NH Police, Canva
Lee NH Police, Canva

Someone in the comments referred to the pig as "Piggie Smalls" and I can only hope that is this adorable creature's real name.

Excellent work, Sgt. Doty. Not all heroes wear capes!

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