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I have a YouTube addiction and I don't think it's unhealthy. I like watching dash cam videos of terrible drivers. If nothing else, I can learn what not to do while driving, so it's educational right? Well, maybe not, because some of these drivers are doing things behind the wheel that clearly show they are not paying attention or they think that they own the road. Just search for "Idiots in Cars," on YouTube and you'll be entertained for hours watching fender benders, near misses, wrong-way drivers and plenty of distracted drivers.

Dash cams are becoming more and more common in vehicles now that the technology has evolved to make them economical. They come in very handy if you are ever in an accident to share the video with police officers and insurance companies. It's solid evidence of who was at fault, without having to rely on an investigation into the accident to point the finger at the correct driver.

There are hundreds of YouTubers combing for crash videos to add to their compilations of "Idiots in Cars," hoping to rake in those YouTube dollars for their views. One of those channels is Dashcam Nation where I saw a video from Andy Pacelli posted on July 6 showing a driver rear-ending another car on Main Street in Tilton, New Hampshire, right about at this location in Google Street view.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The video shows the driver rear-end the car in front of them and then the driver and passenger of the vehicle jump out and approach the driver who hit them, throwing their hands in the air and obviously not very pleased that their car likely has a dent in it now.

Andy wrote in his description, "Driver was not happy. Wonder if there was any provocation..." Good question.

That's not the only incident Andy has posted to his channel. Check out this head-on collision that was barely averted when a driver thought they would pass a long line of cars on a two-lane road. There's some adult language in this video, which if I witnessed this firsthand, I would probably be using myself to describe the driver's intelligence.

I've never been in a car accident before, but I think I want to get a dashcam, just to document the stupid things I see when I'm driving. It'll be a bonus if they do something stupid involving me and I have it on video.

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