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Well, would you look at that? Suddenly we all care about the Oscars for the first time in years!

It has been referred to as "the slap heard round the world". Of course, I am referring to Will Smith smacking Chris Rock across the face on live TV after Chris made a joke at the expense of Will's wife Jada. Was the joke in poor taste? Absolutely! Does it warrant getting up on stage and smacking someone on live TV? In my opinion, no it doesn't.


I don't even have a problem with Will smacking Chris Rock. If Will wanted to find Chris in his dressing room after the show and pop him in the kisser (do people say that?) to defend Jada's honor, that is his prerogative. I don't think it's the way adults should handle conflict nor do I think it sets a good example for young men who look up to Will Smith, but again, that is his prerogative.

My issue lies with the fact that Will Smith did this at an event where there should be a certain level of professionalism maintained. Whether or not you like what is coming out of Chris Rock's mouth, he is standing on stage DOING HIS JOB. And for Will Smith to lose control of his actions and emotions and quite frankly fly off the handle like he did is such a bad look. It makes me like him less. Yeah, I said it.

Of course there are conspiracy theories floating around that the whole thing was a staged publicity stunt. If that's true, it's making them both look horrible, so what a bad career move.

And what timing for Chris Rock to have three nights of SOLD OUT shows coming up at the Wilbur Theater in Boston on March 30th, 31st and April 1st with two shows each day. Will he talk about the slap? I mean, if he doesn't, it will be the big fat elephant in the room.

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