🔴 Homes in Fremont and Brentwood were approached during the past week

🔴 Residents in Kingston may also have been solicited

🔴 Solicitors asked if the resident was going to be out of town during the weekend

Fremont Police warned of "suspicious activity" involving individuals approaching homes selling pest control services.

The individuals who came to the homes in Fremont and Brentwood were not driving a business vehicle. Comments to the police department post said similar "solicitations" were being made to homes in Kingston.

Police did not disclose the name of the company the solicitors said they represented.

During one conversation, the homeowner was asked if they were planning to be out of town for the weekend and if they had any other type of work done to their home, meaning surveillance or otherwise, according to police.

Fremont Police offered this advice about door-to-door solicitors.

  • In the event of any suspicious persons or activity, call for police assistance.
  • Do not let any peddlers come into your home, and if met outside, ask if they are licensed to be there. Note if they are uniformed or operating a work vehicle.
  • Check with their parent company to ensure they have people in the area.
  • Never give any information on how often you will be home, or what your surveillance and security systems may be.

Police in both Fremont and Brentwood are continuing their investigations.

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