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This past weekend, my husband and I wanted to take his daughter out for ice cream on Saturday night.  Our usual place is right down the road from where we live and since we wanted to take our "new" car out for a ride, we wanted to find another place a little further away.

I remembered that Memories Ice Cream in Kingston wasn't too far away, perfect for our drive, so we decided to go there.  What I didn't remember is that they have goats.

Facebook/Memories Ice Cream
Facebook/Memories Ice Cream

The goats are VERY used to humans and they are very friendly, but.....  When I was there, there was a family of rambunctious children who would not stop yelling at the goats.  The goats just stood there and stared at the kids as if to say, "What the hell are you yelling at?  This is my house!"

The kids eventually left and we were all relieved - goats and humans alike.

They Will Be Closing for the Season Soon

Memories last day of the season is Sunday, October 17th, so if you want to go, you better hurry!

The Goats Want Your Old Christmas Trees

Every year, Memories will ask for your discarded Christmas Tree.  Their goats LOVE that tasty treat.  No tinsel, please.  The goats will eat that too and that's no fun for anyone.  Especially the goat.

Facebook/Memories Ice Cream
Facebook/Memories Ice Cream

The Ice Cream is DEEELISH

Memories Ice Cream is homemade and according to their website, it's made in by a 40-year-old batch ice cream machine and it only does 5 gallons at a time, so I imagine that it's working overtime to provide all the delicious creamy goodness to families from all around.

They Have Vegan Ice Cream

Who says that you have to be left out of the ice cream run if you are a vegan?  Not at Memories.  They have Vegan ice cream in several flavors.  I opted for Vegan Coffee ice cream, which I would not get again.  It wasn't my cup of tea, or should I say... coffee, but that doesn't mean that I won't go again someday.  I just won't choose that flavor.  There are lots of others like vanilla, chocolate, black raspberry and mint chip.

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