🔴 The safety initiative begins Thursday and lasts all summer

🔴 More than 90 law enforcement agencies and the state Liquor Commission will participate

🔴 In 2021, there were 118 people killed in crashes on New Hampshire roads, 69% of which were alcohol and/or drug-related

New Hampshire's Department of Safety announced another summer targeted law enforcement effort that starts Thursday against impaired drivers.

More than 90 law enforcement agencies across the state will participate in the initiative that begins Thursday and continues through the summer. The state Liquor Commission will also be part of the initiative by conducting "premise inspections" at licensed establishments to prevent intoxicated drivers from driving.

“New Hampshire has some of the most aggressive laws in the country to fight impaired drivers, and the law enforcement community will use these tools to the fullest extent,” Gorham Police Chief Adam Marsh of the Gorham Police Department said in statement.

Sobering Statistics

In 2021, there were 118 people killed in crashes on New Hampshire roads. Of those crashes, 69 percent were alcohol and/or drug-related, according to the Department of Safety. From 2015-2021, 336 of 1,096 drivers involved in deadly crashes on New Hampshire roads tested positive for drugs

“One wrong decision could have lifelong consequences for you and your loved ones,” New Hampshire State Police Lt. Christopher Storm said. “Drivers should be aware of the legal, financial, and emotional costs that come with a DWI conviction. We encourage drivers to plan for a night out and consider alternative options to get home safely, such as using a designated driver, rideshare apps, or public transportation.”

State and local law enforcement are also targeting the 50 miles of Route 125 between Plaistow and Milton for an enforcement of traffic laws.

Both additional programs are funded through grants from the New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety.

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