Tragedy struck another Massachusetts family while visiting New Hampshire Sunday, when a father drowned trying to save his child.

Vincent Parr, 37, of Lawrence dove into the Swift River in Albany Sunday afternoon east of the covered bridge when a mother and child became stuck in an area with fast-moving water, according to New Hampshire State Police. The mother and child freed themselves after Parr got caught in the current, and with the the help of bystanders, were able to bring the dad onto the shore.

The bystanders performed CPR, but Parr was pronounced dead by first responders, according to State Police.

Tuesday afternoon, Melissa Bagley, a mother from Lynn, Massachusetts, died after jumping into the pools under Franconia Falls in Lincoln Tuesday after her son slipped and fell into the water.

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Skinny New England Home Built Out of Spite

As the story goes according to Boston Magazine, the home was said to have been built by a man in 1890 on a plot of land that was left by his father to him and his brother. Well, this guy had been off fighting in the Civil War, and once he returned he discovered that his brother had gone ahead and built a big house on that land.

Then, out of pure spite he built the skinny spite house on the remaining plot between his brother's house and another building to block sunlight and harbor views from his brother.

It went up for sale in 2021 for around $1.2 million by Carmela Laurella CL Properties, and later sold that year for $1.25 million.

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