The man known as vice provost for innovation and new ventures at the University of New Hampshire has accepted a position as the new vice president for technology opportunity ventures at NYU Langone Health.

Marc Sedam was with UNH for over 10 years and ended his employment on June 3.

Sedam will start at NYU on July 1.

Sedam says his most memorable accomplishment will be getting students through this past academic year.

Sedam was instrumental in the work of the COVID-19 testing lab at UNH Health & Wellness. Students were tested two times a week and those who tested positive for the virus were quarantined.

If the students lived on campus, they were able to quarantine in two dorms set aside for that purpose.

In all, 700,000 samples were taken during the academic year. The lab cost about $5 million to set up.

"We actually never closed. There were lots of other campuses which had great labs and they did great work, but they had outbreaks that caused them to close for a period of time. We never did. We had a ten-day pause at the beginning of the spring semester, where things got a little shaky, but the students are super responsible, and they understood they had to stay vigilant," Sedam said during an interview this week.

Sedam said they were able to accomplish this without a medical or pharmacy school.

"It will be a historic achievement for UNH," Sedam said.

According to a press release by Lisa Greiner, Sedam and his team will take over functions overseen by Industrial Liaison, which was created to promote the commercial development of innovations developed at NYU Langone Health, NYU, and NYU Tandon School of Engineering and to facilitate research collaborations between NYU researchers and industry partners.

“Marc comes to NYU Langone with an extensive background in intellectual asset management, licensing, and start-up formation,” Daniel J. Widawsky, executive vice president, vice dean and chief financial officer said in a statement.

Sedam said he plans to live in Manhattan and commute home on the weekends.

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