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Lately the temperatures have not really been unbearable for New Englanders. But it's not going to stay that way. According to Weather.Gov, the temps are going down to the teens at night this weekend.  Because of that, according to the Strafford County Emergency Cold Weather Shelter Facebook page, they have activated the Willand Warming Center at 30 Willand Drive in Somersworth.

COAST bus service will transport guests to the bus stops closest to the warming center at no cost during an activation, except for Sunday when Coast busses don't run. On Sunday, the Warming Center will pick up the guests at the Dover Transportation Center and the Monster Gas Station next to the Rochester Commons in Rochester.  Pretty cool.

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Their Facebook page also gives times that they will be open:

  • Friday - 1/08 (open @ 5 p.m.)
    Saturday - 1/09 (close @ 9 a.m., open again @ 5 p.m.)
    Sunday – 1/10 (close @ 9 a.m., open again @ 5 p.m.)
    Monday - 1/11 (close @ 9 a.m.)

If you need more information, contact the Warming Center at 1-857-323-0388 or via email at scwarmingshelter@gmail.com.

I can't imagine having no where to go when it's that cold outside.  I am hopeful that everyone who needs warmth and shelter will find it this weekend and all winter.  I did not know that hypothermia can occur at any temperature lower than your internal body temperature, according to businessinsider.com.  Body fat, age, how much alcohol you've consumed and especially if you or your clothes are wet can be contributing factors.

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