Tickets went on sale Sunday for an additional Powerball drawing every Monday starting this week.

Nothing about the game will change as players in 48 states will still pick five numbers from 1-69 plus a Powerball from 1-26. The extra drawing will result in jackpots that grow larger more quickly.

The annuity jackpot for Monday's drawing is $293 million with a cash value of $214.2 million.

Powerball players in New Hampshire have been very lucky in 2021 with six tickets sold worth $1 million or more. A Mega Millions ticket worth $1 million was sold for Tuesday's drawing.

"We’ve just come off of a record year of sales and net profit for education and this new fiscal year has started off great," NH Lottery spokeswoman Maura McCann. The lottery also expanded drawings for its Lucky For Life game to seven nights a week.

Powerball is also adding a game called the Double Play for $1 more, Players will  use the same numbers in a both the Powerball drawing and for separate numbers in a Double Play drawing.  It is only available in 13 states but none of the New England states. McCann said it may be something New Hampshire adds at a later date.

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