The father of Harmony Montgomery was charged Monday with the murder of his 7-year-old daughter in 2019.

During a press conference Monday afternoon at Manchester police headquarters, Attorney General John Formela said Adam Montgomery was charged with second degree murder for recklessly causing the death of a person under the age of 13. Formella said Adam Montgomery struck his daughter repeatedly with a closed fist around December 7, 2019.

He was also charged with:

  • Falsifying physical evidence for purposely altering, destroying, concealing, or removing the body of Harmony Montgomery with a purpose to impair its verity or availability in an official proceeding or investigation, in Manchester between approximately December 7, 2019, and March 4, 2020
  • Abuse of corpse for purposely and unlawfully removing, concealing or destroying the corpse of Harmony Montgomery or any part thereof, in Manchester between approximately December 7, 2019, and March 4, 2020
  • Tampering with witnesses or informants for purposely attempting to induce or otherwise cause Kayla Montgomery to testify or inform falsely, in Manchester between approximately December 7, 2019, and January 4, 2022.
Adam Montgomery
Adam Montgomery

Manchester Police Chief Alan Aldenberg said that Adam Montomery was transported to the Manchester Police Department, charged, then transported back to the Hillsborough County House of Correction, where he has been held on separate charges.

Adam Montgomery is expected to be arraigned on these charges in the Hillsborough County Superior Court Northern District in Manchester on Tuesday.

Neither Formela or Aldenberg disclosed where her body may be located.

The emotional chief thanked detectives and their families for their work on the case during the past 10 months.

"I’m certain that the charges that we have brought forward today will garner additional discussions, speculation, and undoubtedly will elicit a wide range motions from the public. I ask that in memory of Harmony that we all make every effort to do something nice for a child today,"Aldenberg said. "I know of no other way to respect and honor this innocent and defenseless child than to extend an act of kindness to another child in her memory."

The chief said that the work on the case is not finished, and encouraged anyone with information about the case to call the tipline that has been used throughout the investigation: 603-203-6060.

"New Hampshire is leaving no stone unturned to ensure justice for Harmony," Gov. Chirs Sununu said in a statement. "A huge thank you to the tireless dedication of law enforcement and their unwavering efforts. We have full confidence they will ensure Adam Montgomery is held accountable for his evil actions.”

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